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Agreeing Finances on Divorce

Getting a Financial OrderFor the court to approve your proposals on your finances you will be required to disclosure to each other all your up-to-date financial information. The document you will need to complete is called Form E. This is to enable you to make an...

What is a Family Mediation Service?

Family mediators help you to turn your arguments into agreements to help you make decisions for the future, to enable you to move on with your lives. It helps you focus on the issues affecting both of you, for example, parenting, property, and money, and what to do...

Civil Mediation Complaints Process

MSUK Group complies with the requirements of Civil Mediation Council. MSUK Group will deal promptly and courteously with any complaint, formal or informal, made to the service.  The cause of any problem of which a client has complained will be investigated. If...

What is Child Inclusive Mediation?

Child-Inclusive Mediation (or Direct Child Consultation) is process where an accredited mediator meets with a child. The aim is ensure the child’s voice is heard when issues relating to them are being discussed by parents. Often parents have differing views on what they believe their children’s wishes and feelings are so this process helps parents better understand what the child actual thinks and feels.