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Complaints Policy

Introduction: MSUK Group complies with the requirements of Family Mediation Association MSUK Group will deal promptly and courteously with any complaint, formal or informal, made to the service.  The cause of any problem of which a client has complained will be...

Parents to face cost orders for failing to engage in Mediation

The Justice secretary Dominic Raab speaking to the justice committee of the House of Commons last week stated that over 50% of cases in the court system did not need to be heard by a judge. In November the Justice secretary outlined his plans that parents who are...

Useful Glossary of Terms

Sometimes legal language can be very confusing and very often our clients contact us requesting an explanation of what certain words means. To help you we have listed some key words with an explanation of what they mean. MIAM: This stands for Mediation Information...

The MOJ extends the mediation voucher scheme by a further 1.3 million

On Monday Lord Wolfson the Under Secretary of State for Justice and the President of the Family Division Sir Andrew McFarlane spoke at the launch of Mediation Week. Both stated their desire to make mediation the default position for most family disputes. Lord Wolfson also confirmed that there would be an extra 1.3 million made available to extend the mediation voucher scheme which he described as a huge success.

The future for Mediation

Lord Wolfson stated that mediation now has the MOJ full throated supported and that several changes will be implemented over the course of the next 12 months to ensure that mediation takes place on all suitable cases. One of the options that the MOJ is currently considering is to ensure that both the applicant and respondent attend a MIAM. The courts will be asked to triage applications to ensure that that both parties have attended a MIAM. Failure to engage in dispute resolution or attend a MIAM will likely lead to a cost order against the person who is unwilling to engage. A second option being considered is making mediation the default position on all cases were there are no safeguarding concerns as it is in many other countries. Sir Andrew McFarlane is keen to ensure that all stakeholders should continue to collaborate and work together to ensure families are provided with early information to enable them to consider the impact of the decisions they make on the children involved. 

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